My practice is chiefly painting but encompasses drawing, photography and film, and engages with the dialogue between these media, specifically in relation to the perception of time within the work of art and the role played by touch, light and memory. I seek to expose what may be imperceptable, invisible, in the periphery or overlooked. Underlying ideas are hidden narratives, absence, presence, disappearance, longing, mortality, memento mori, the subconscious and the meanings that become attached to objects.

I make paintings and drawings in series which are rarely complete but open ended ongoing investigations, and although existing as individual pieces are intended to be seen in groups or subgroups. I am interested in how the suspension of disbelief operates in contemplating not only the rectangle of the painting but also the film image, and how the blankness (blackness) between film frames is joined by the eye or between individual paintings filled by the mind.


'If we didn't blink we wouldn't be able to see. Interruption is what allows us to take our distance and reclaim our consciousness from the blindness of sight.'

Sylvere Lotringer  The Accident of Art Semiotexte  NY 2005