The Storyteller'e Cabinet began after an encounter in 2016 with the octogenarian writer Jeanne Thwaite at her home in Sri Lanka. Her partner Faisal is restoring the natural biodiversity which existed before the teak and coconut planations were established around Jeannne's ancestral home. On her verandah was a glass cabinet full of an eclectic collection of things ranging from Faisal's childhood toys, dolls' house furniture from Jeanne's sister to incidental odds and ends left by itinerent house guests. It was hard to make out clearly through the glass the objects inside, obscured by my shadow and the reflections of the garden and the ever encroaching jungle beyond. The visual layering of these different worlds suggested complicated and troubled juxtaposed histories; tamed nature, pioneering settlers, hosility, conflict and the deeply troubled legacy of imperialism. Jeanne died in December 2019.